MANY PEOPLE have helped me in the writing of this book. My parents, Cathy and Jack Gilligan, showed me the power of love. My wife, Denise, and my daughter, Zoe, have touched me with its healing force and given me opportunities to develop the capac- ity to give and receive love. To all of them I am forever grateful. My main mentors include my mother, Milton Erickson, Greg- ory Bateson, Gordon Bower, and my aikido sensei, Coryl Crane. Each of these superb and devoted teachers has helped me im- mensely, at both technical and personal levels. I am also indebted to all of the clients with whom I have worked. It is a privilege and joy to experience a person's courage and commitment in learning to love self and other, especially when some parts of life suggest that it may be a naive, impossi- ble, or dangerous thing to do.